Studio Progress

I'm a student specialising in ceramics and dabble with a little textiles. I post some of my work and other little things that make me smile.


I can not explain how irritating it is when people who don’t know what they’re doing mess with the scales.. they’re so sensitive, for weighing out tiny amounts, like .5grams.. and when someone pulls them about and knocks them out, it’s a nightmare to get them spot on again!

Rant over.

After a frustrating moment with the scales, I knocked up my oxide tests for the substitute wood ash glazes I came up with - if all goes to plan I’ll have them in the kiln first thing tomorrow morning ready for Friday.. can not wait to see what pretty colours will come out :) now my glazes are doing what I want of them, I can get back to focusing my attention on the wheel again. Oh how I have missed my wheel! 

  1. thelongwalkround said: why not use a small digital scale? On another note (I think I might have missed it), what is “substitute” about your ash glazes? Just curious, thanks!
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